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General Keyboarding practice is available as a self-paced option in many classes using MicroType Media and other online resources.The MicroType software is a keyboarding program that consists of a tutorial, practice activities, educational games, and a word processor. All of these components are combined in a comprehensive package that will help the student to master the basic keyboarding skills.


Register online here. There is no charge for this class and is also available in our basic tutoring computer lab. 

In addition, students may use any of the following websites that existing students have recommended to improve their keyboarding skills:


Keyboarding & typing tests requested for employment and personal purposes will be available for a fee of $15. Students may pay the enrollment fee at and call and ask for the College and Career Technician.


Keyboarding Tips

Ideally, students should practice 15-20 minutes each day for at least four days each week, for at least six weeks.

Some keyboarding tips to remember:

  1. Use the left hand right hand correctly.
  2. Use the shift key to capitalize
  3. Use the space bar between words (1 space.)
  4. Use the space bar after punctuation (1 space after periods.)
  5. Use the enter key and tab keys.

Good keyboarding habits include:

  • Sitting up straight.
  • Centering the  body.
  • Placing the feet for balance.
  • Curving fingers over the home keys.
  • Keeping wrists off the keyboard.
  • Keeping eyes on printed copy.
  • Keying by touch.
  • Maintaining good posture.

Happy Keyboarding!