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Agency Certificate Programs

(For current CTE Certificate Programs)

(E.g. EDD/TAA, CalWORKs, Private industry etc.)


Certificate Program

Hours of Instruction/ Guidelines


(For further information)

Admin/Office Assistant Certificate

420 hours

-completed in 5-6 sessions

CTE Advisor

Computer Repair & Networking Certificate

120 hours

-completed in 2 sessions

CTE Advisor

General Office and Clerical Certificate

240 hours

-completed in 3 sessions. 

CTE Advisor

Microsoft Office Specialist© Certification

420+ hours*

-completed in 6 or more sessions

*completion time varies by student effort and abilities

CTE Advisor

Optometric Assistant Certificate 


360 hours

-completed in 4 sessions

CTE Advisor

Contextualized Vocational ESL Certificates

Program hours vary by company

ESL Program Coordinator




Please note: Most certificates can be completed within 3-6 sessions. If the student attends more than 6 sessions, a revised Education Plan will be submitted. Program adjustments may be made based on special circumstances.

·         All books, materials and assessment fees are included in session costs. 

·         ESL classes will be offered as needed without additional cost.

·         All entering students will be CASAS tested 

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